Company History

Atwood Fence Company was founded in 1971 as a small, private residential fence contractor. In 1975, the company won its bid on its first public project, a barrier fence for Interstate 55 in Mississippi. The company has since evolved from fence construction to road and highway guardrail systems installation and signage. For more than 40 years the company has been a major contractor for roadway projects in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. Headquartered in Kosciusko, Mississippi, the company is now one of the region's leading contractors of publicly-contracted guardrail work.

The majority of Atwood Fence Company business today is acquired through highway contracts let by state departments of transportation or county bid processes for guardrail systems that accompany major road building and maintenance projects. Atwood may operate as either a prime contractor or subcontractor depending on the scope of the project and bidding position.

A Video Message from Kay Van Skiver, President, Atwood Fence Company